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Setting up automated build and release pipeline for side-loaded UWP apps using Azure DevOps

This week we set up a CI/CD pipeline for one of our UWP apps that needs to be sideloaded because we don't publish it through the Microsoft Store. This article was super useful in getting me started. Microsoft has made things quite easy with Azure DevOps, but there were a few things that took us a little bit of time to figure out.

How to get an instance of a page when you navigate to it in UWP

By default when navigating a frame to a page, UWP doesn't give you back a page instance. So the only way of passing parameters is to use the parameter parameter. But having an instance to the page can have many other benefits: For example it allows the child page to have custom events and the parent page can subscribe to them.

Why you should read on topics that you might not need right now?

I was browsing web once when I stumbled upon an article about SkiaSharp. It's a C# wrapper around Google's fast 2D rending engine. I was developing desktop apps in WPF at the time and didn't feel the need to learn a low level library like that.